9 hours 14:38
Some Mass. Businesses Turn To Proof Of Vaccination For Workers — And Customers — Amid Delta’s Rise
While Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has so far been wary of any kind of vaccine mandate, some employers and businesses are taking matters into their own hands by requiring it for workers –
9 hours 12:47
Much-Anticipated Patrick Rose Report Calls For Changes But Doesn’t Name Names
Acting Mayor Kim Janey on Thursday released the much-anticipated report on disgraced former cop Patrick Rose, who remained on the force for two decades despite a criminal complaint and subsequent
19 hours 16:32
Jan. 6 Commission Highlights The Violence & Racist Extremism Of The Capitol Attack
Nearly eight months after hordes of pro-Trump groups — including members of a range of white supremacist and other right-wing extremist groups – attacked the Capitol during certification of the
19 hours 10:39
The Debate Over Masks In Mass. Schools This Fall
The American Academy of Pediatrics last week suggested universal masking for students this fall, with Acting Boston Mayor Kim Janey soon following suit with a mask requirement for all BPS students
2 days 13:46
Simone Biles Highlights Importance Of Mental Health While Under The Spotlight
With four Olympic gold medals and dozens of World Championships under her belt, Simone Biles is the most decorated gymnast in the world.
2 days 14:04
CDC Changes Gears, Recommends Masks Indoors For Even The Vaccinated In Hot Spot Areas
The Centers for Disease Control on Tuesday updated its mask guidance, telling vaccinated Americans in parts of the country with high COVID caseloads that they, too, should wear masks indoors.
3 days 11:25
Ty Burr Says Goodbye To The Boston Globe
Longtime Globe film critic Ty Burr announced his departure from the paper this weekend after nearly two decades and 3,000 movie reviews.
3 days 12:18
What Does Rollins’ U.S. Attorney Nomination Mean For Massachusetts — And Criminal Justice Reform?
The White House on Monday nominated Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins for the position of U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts.
7 days 14:42
Why The Britney Spears Conservatorship Matters
Britney Spears’ conservatorship saga took a turn last week with a judge declaring the pop superstar fit to hire her own attorney, who is now fighting ‘aggressively’ to remove Jamie Spears from the
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7 days 12:48
From Floods To Fires, A Summer Of Extreme Weather Shows Climate Change’s Impact
From multiple heat waves and raging wildfires in the western United States and Canada, to deadly flooding in Germany, Belgium and China, a string of extreme weather events across the globe this
8 days 8:59
Travel Tips For Your Post-Vaccination Summer
Boston Globe travel writer Christopher Muther joined Jim Braude from a unique location with some travel tips for Iceland, Vermont and right in your Boston backyard.
8 days 14:19
The American Misinformation Epidemic
It’s a deadly crisis threatening the United States: not COVID, but misinformation, which in turn has compounded the pain of the virus and provoked political dysfunction and violence.
9 days 11:14
Two Local DACA Recipients On What A Federal Judge’s Ruling Means For Them
Just a year after the Supreme Court ruled that former President Trump could not legally end the Obama-era policy known as 'DACA,' a federal judge in Texas recently ruled the policy itself
9 days 11:05
Is The Billionaire Space Race Worth It?
Billionaire Jeff Bezos flew to space for 11 minutes Tuesday, sandwiched in between trips beyond Earth’s atmosphere by business magnates Richard Branson and Elon Musk.
10 days 8:13
Shepard Fairey Of 'Obey' Fame Comes To Boston For Ocean Activism
Shepard Fairey rose to fame through his ‘Obey’ sticker campaign that he eventually turned into the global brand, and is perhaps most well-known now as the man behind the famous 2008 Obama ‘Hope’
10 days 10:54
Americans Are Split On Vaccines & In Summertime Mode. What Will Happen To COVID Cases?
Many Americans are ready to let down their guard after a year-plus of COVID restrictions and bad news, but less than half in the U.S.
10 days 6:46
Provincetown Issues Mask Advisory Following Cluster Of COVID Cases
The Massachusetts tourist destination of Provincetown passed a new mask advisory on Monday, urging everyone to wear masks indoors regardless of their vaccination status, following positive COVID
14 days 15:38
With Santiago Out And A Fifth Of Boston Undecided, Where Does The Mayoral Race Stand?
There have been some shakeups in the Boston mayoral race, with Jon Santiago dropping out and longtime political figure Felix Arroyo and his son, City Councilor Ricardo Arroyo, both throwing their
14 days 12:17
'The Last Pig' Asks: Should We Eat Animals?
The story of a former livestock farmer who became vegan is portrayed in a new documentary, ‘The Last Pig.’ The subject of the film, Bob Comis, and the filmmaker, Allison Argo, joined Adam Reilly to
15 days 10:11
Trafficking Survivors Share Their Story In ‘Unseen’ Investigation
In part three of the ‘Unseen’ series from the GBH News Center For Investigative Reporting, journalists Jenifer McKim and Phillip Martin look at the sex trafficking of boys in Massachusetts and the
15 days 13:01
Rep. Lori Trahan On Child Tax Credit Payments, Biden’s Spending Plans, And More
Families across the United States will begin receiving child tax credit payments Thursday as part of the COVID relief package signed by President Biden this spring – but the long-term future of
16 days 12:34
Three Arts Orgs From Boston On Surprising Gift From MacKenzie Scott
MacKenzie Scott, the former wife of billionaire Jeff Bezos, has set a new example in the philanthropy world in the past year through the speed with which she has given away billions of dollars — a
16 days 11:58
A.G. Maura Healey On The $4.3 Billion Settlement With The Sackler Family
The Sackler family of Purdue Pharma infamy reached a settlement with more than a dozen states last week, including long-time hold-out Massachusetts, where state attorney general Maura Healey had
16 days 3:02
A Boston Neighborhood Relies On An Urban Farm As It Recovers From COVID-19
As furloughs and layoff skyrocketed at the peak of the pandemic, neighborhoods with a majority of residents of color like the Mattapan section of Boston were disproportionately affected.
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17 days 12:03
Expert Who Resigned From FDA Committee Over Alzheimer’s Drug Explains His Reasoning
The FDA’s approval of an Alzheimer’s drug last month brought feelings of relief to many Americans watching their loved ones struggling with the disease, but the decision-making process was marred by
17 days 12:03
What Does The Delta Variant Mean For Massachusetts?
The United States is now recording about 20,000 new coronavirus cases per day as the more contagious delta variant overtakes the original strain of the virus.
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21 day 15:31
MassGOP Tries For Voter ID Law, Echoing Republicans Nationwide
Since Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election, Republican-controlled legislatures nationwide have accelerated their past efforts to restrict access to voting.
21 day 12:10
Former Pres. Trump Sues Tech Companies In Name Of “Free Speech”
Donald Trump filed suit Wednesday against Facebook, Google and Twitter, writing today in a Wall Street Journal op-ed that he was doing it “to restore free speech for myself and for every American.”
22 days 11:48
New Report Calls For Cabinet-Level Post To Tackle Inequity In Mass.
A new report issued by a Massachusetts task force formed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic calls major steps to address health inequities in the state, including a cabinet-level position of
22 days 9:18
Mass. Gov. Candidate Geoff Diehl: 'Center-Right May Be What [Voters Are] Looking For'
Gov. Charlie Baker still has not announced if he plans to run for a third term next year, but if he does jump into the race, he's already got a primary challenger to contend with: Geoff Diehl.
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