2 hours 7:47
"Resistance" Op-Ed Writer Steps Forward
Miles Taylor, a former DHS staffer, has revealed that he is the anonymous author of the New York Times op-ed "I Am Part of the Resistance Inside The Trump Administration".
2 hours 12:13
Newsrooms Face Tough Calls If Election Gets Messy
On election day and after, news organizations could face some difficult decisions, such as how to cover premature declarations of victory, to unsubstantiated claims of ballot fraud.
3 hours 7:15
An Election Night Like No Other
Absent a total blowout, the increase in mail-in voting will greatly complicate the ability of networks to call the winner on election night, if not make it impossible.
3 hours 1:05
Former Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick Discusses Interracial Allyship On GBH's Basic Black
Patrick joined host Callie Crossley and three other political experts to talk about the interracial and intergenerational makeup of protestors following the murder of George Floyd at the hands of
3 hours 1:54
Former Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick On What's Driving People Of Color To The Polls On GBH's Basic Black
Patrick joins host Callie Crossley and three other political experts to discuss what is driving people of color to the polls this year, and the role that Black women, in particular, have played in
7 hours 1:11
Jared Bowen On The Intersection Of Art And Journalism
GBH Arts Editor Jared Bowen talks to Joe Mathieu about a segment on Open Studio with two local photographers that are documenting Boston area protests from a considerably more intimate perspective
1 day 3:01
COVID-19 Gives New Urgency To Debate In Mass. Over Drivers Licenses For Undocumented Immigrants
There are an estimated 185,000 undocumented immigrants in Massachusetts, many of whom need to drive in order to get to work or care for their family members.
1 day 7:49
Meghan Duggan Reflects On A Medal-Studded Career
From her days in the Danvers' youth league, where she started at just three years old alongside all boys, to competing in three Olympics with the US national team, hockey has always been a big part
1 day 1:29
'Goosebumps' Author R.L. Stine Talks About Voicing Scary Uncle Bob On 'Arthur'
Author R.L. Stine of "Goosebumps" fame talks to Morning Edition's Joe Matheiu about his voiceover work with the GBH Children's show "Arthur."
1 day 2:05
Jared Bowen Discusses Powerful Horn And Harp Duet From Boston Symphony Orchestra
“Listen, to the Cry of Your Fellow Man” is a duet for horn and harp written and performed by BSO Associate Principal Horn Richard Sebring and his friend, one-time student and former Tanglewood Music
2 days 13:06
A ‘Red Mirage’: What If President Trump Claims A False, Early Victory?
Early voter turnout in the 2020 presidential election has already hit more than 50 percent of the total vote count from 2016, with six days to go before Election Day.
2 days 7:07
Pine Street Inn’s Lyndia Downie On The Shelter’s Voter Registration Efforts
Although the Pine Street Inn has long worked to help shelter guests register to vote, the coronavirus pandemic has made that effort particularly difficult this year.
2 days 3:13
IMHO: Don’t Add More Darkness To 2020
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on why 2020 is not the year to add an extra hour of darkness to end each day.
2 days 2:25
To Trick-Or-Treat Or Not? Mass. Cities Take Different Stands As COVID-19 Numbers Rise
Halloween may seem like a frivolous holiday to some: a license for kids — and a lot of adults — to dress up and get free candy. Others see the day as a tradition of community fun that many now miss.
2 days 2:38
High School During A Pandemic: What If We Never Go Back?
What’s a theater kid to do? When Bridget started at Framingham High School, she felt isolated, anxious...even a little depressed. The high school’s theater troupe is what turned things around for her.
3 days 10:06
The Role That Alpha Kappa Alpha Has Played In Building Support For Sen. Kamala Harris’ VP Run
Senator Kamala Harris has gained backing for both her earlier presidential run and her Vice President spot on the Biden-Harris ticket from a network of supporters from her college sorority: Alpha
3 days 11:49
What Does The SCOTUS Confirmation Of Amy Coney Barrett Mean For The Election, Health Care, And More?
The confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett as Supreme Court Justice on Tuesday cemented a six-three conservative majority that will shape the country for generations to come, starting with expected
3 days 3:12
Massachusetts GOP Doubles Down On Trumpism
Although Massachusetts as a whole leans heavily blue — from the all-Democrat congressional delegation to the Democrat-dominated state legislature — a certain type of Republican has previously pulled
4 days 12:03
Former Legal Counsel For Presidents Bush & Obama Talk Presidential Reforms ‘After Trump’
After President Trump’s four years of ignoring presidential norms and democratic principles, what reforms to the presidency will be needed to prevent abuse of power from future leaders?
4 days 12:07
Public Health Experts Sound Alarm As New Coronavirus Cases In Mass. Hit Springtime Levels
Public health experts in Massachusetts are expressing increased alarm after the number of new COVID-19 cases in the state this past weekend reached levels that had not been seen since May.
4 days 2:51
IMHO: The Sackler Family — Of OxyContin Infamy — Reaches A Settlement
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on the drug-dealing Sackler family getting away with zero prison time.
7 days 5:33
Beat The Press Rants & Raves: 10/23/20
The panel reviews the week in media.
7 days 7:01
Should Reporters Be Paid By The Click?
The Sacramento Bee’s parent company, McClatchy, is proposing to link reporter pay to the number of clicks their stories get.
7 days 7:13
President Trump Skunks '60 Minutes'
The president stormed out of a 60 Minutes interview, complaining that Lesley Stahl’s questions were unfair and inappropriate.
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7 days 7:15
The Debate Debacle That Wasn't
While everyone may have feared another dumpster fire, skillful moderating by NBC's Kristen Welker made the final debate of 2020 surprisingly informative.
8 days 10:09
Why It's Important To Maintain The Legacy Of Mass. SJC Chief Justice Ralph Gants
For much of his life and until the day he died last month, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court's Chief Justice Ralph Gants was dedicated to serving the people of the Commonwealth.
8 days 13:19
Former CIA Director John Brennan On Election Interference And His New Memoir: “Undaunted”
With less than two weeks to go until the final votes are cast, the Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe announced late Wednesday night that both Russia and Iran gained access to voter
8 days 2:49
COVID And The Classroom — Chapter One: “Motivation”
The last year of high school comes with all kinds of expectations. But this year, not even the chance to show up for class is guaranteed.
9 days 2:16
IMHO: Jim Hates The Fall
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on why fall is overrated.
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