8 hours 3:18
Boston’s History Of Born-And-Bred Mayors
It’s already a year of firsts in Boston politics, with acting mayor Kim Janey being the first woman and the first black Bostonian to lead the city.
8 hours 11:44
Former Cop Derek Chauvin, Shown Killing George Floyd On Tape, Is Found Guilty.
Former police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty Tuesday for the murder of George Floyd, a killing that was caught on tape and ignited worldwide protests and a nationwide reckoning on American
8 hours 9:22
Was The Johnson & Johnson Vax Pause A Deadly Idea?
In a recent Washington Post op-ed, assistant law professor Govind Persad argues that the pause on the use of Johnson & Johnson vaccine over six cases of rare, but serious, blood clotting in the
1 day 5:35
Unseen: The Boy Victims of the Sex Trade
Today, Jose Alfaro lives with his partner of nine years and is a hair stylist on Newbury Street.
1 day 13:50
WGBH News Live Stream
WGBH News – 19 Apr 2021, 9:06
4 days 7:00
Britons Call Out BBC For Excessive Prince Philip Coverage
The BBC received a record number of complaints - well over 100,000 - that it gave too much coverage to the prince's passing. There were similar complaints about coverage in the US.
4 days 47:38
Basic Black: Cultural Fit
When you apply to a job, have you ever heard the phrase, "Are they a good fit" for our work culture? What does that mean, and who defines the work culture?
4 days 7:13
Pressure from All Sides Reporting On Minnesota Protests
Journalists covering the Daunte Wright demonstrations were accosted, including objects hurled at a CNN crew.
4 days 7:11
Pitfalls of Covering J&J Vaccine Pause
The temporary suspension of the Johnson and Johnson Coronavirus vaccine has created a challenge for journalists: explain the reasons behind the pause without giving oxygen to vaccine hesitancy or
4 days 4:31
Beat The Press Rants & Raves: 4/16/21
The panel reviews the week in media.
4 days 1:01
Apology from Emily Rooney, Beat the Press
An important update from Emily Rooney about the 04/02/2021 episode of Beat the Press. -Pam Johnston, General Manager GBH News Related: youtube.com/watch?v=kAEi9bpjsNo
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5 days 14:00
Black & Brown Voters Build Political Power For Boston's Mayoral Race
Acting Mayor Kim Janey is the first-ever woman and person of color to lead Boston. But what about when the fall election rolls around? Adam Reilly talks with former state Sen.
5 days 12:52
The Significance Of U.S. Troops Withdrawing From Afghanistan After 20 Years
As the country's long-running war in Afghanistan finally starts to draw to a close with President Biden planning to bring troops home over the next several months, what has been accomplished in the
6 days 15:32
Derek Chauvin, Kim Potter And The Problem Of Police Brutality
Manslaughter charges were filed Wednesday against the Minnesota police officer who shot and killed Daunte Wright, while the murder trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin drew to a close only a
6 days 11:07
'Picture A Scientist' Explores The Challenges Facing Women In STEM
Issues of racism and misogyny in the field of STEM are on full display in the documentary, 'Picture A Scientist,' which has its U.S. broadcast premier Wednesday on PBS NOVA.
7 days 9:41
NBC Boston’s JC Monahan Opens Up About Her Depression & Anxiety
In a new op-ed for Boston Magazine, longtime NBC Boston anchor JC Monahan opens up about her experience with clinical depression and anxiety and her journey to find support and healing.
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7 days 8:20
Boston PD Knew About Police Union President's Abuse Allegations For Years. Why Wasn’t He Stopped?
The Boston Police Department and the Boston Police Patrolman’s Association reportedly knew about past union leader Patrick Rose, Sr.’s alleged sexual abuse of multiple children for decades before
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7 days 8:33
What Does The J&J Vaccine Pause Mean?
The CDC and FDA both called Tuesday for an immediate pause in the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine following reports of six women developing a rare blood clotting disorder after receiving the
7 days 2:59
Safe To Dance Again: This Senior Is Vaccinated ... And Doing The Tango
After more than a year of being cooped up and isolated, some vaccinated seniors are ready to do the tango.
7 days 10:08
Reporters Behind GBH News' Investigation Into Trafficked Boys Discuss Their Findings
Jenifer McKim and Phillip Martin, senior investigative reporters at GBH News' Center for Investigative Reporting, joined Jim Braude to discuss their report about the boys victimized by sex
7 days 15:44
New Film Explores The Right-To-Die Movement
Longtime NPR host Diane Rehm has released a new documentary, 'When My Time Comes,' about the nationwide push to legalize medical aid in dying — an advocacy journey she began after watching her
11 days 42:26
Basic Black: Protecting Essential Workers
The pandemic has emphasized the importance of essential workers. What resources and protections are available to them as the pandemic continues? We discuss this and more this week on #BasicBlack.
11 days 5:19
Beat The Press Rants & Raves: 4/09/21
Our Beat The Press panel reviews the week in media.
11 days 6:47
Fox Tries Conservative Satire With 'Gutfeld!'
So far, the critics aren’t impressed with Fox’s effort to launch a conservative late night alternative. With most other hosts leaning decidedly left, is there room for conservative satire?
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11 days 6:36
White House Leaks Go Dry Under Biden
With all the abuse President Trump heaped on the White House press corps, it might surprise that some reporters are looking back fondly in one respect: the firehose of leaks has suddenly dried up.
11 days 8:01
60 Minutes Missteps on DeSantis
The venerable CBS News program accused Florida Governor Ron DeSantis of giving Publix supermarkets a contract to administer COVID vaccines in Palm Beach County in exchange for campaign contributions.
12 days 17:21
College During Covid: The Student Mental Health Crisis
After more than a year of social distancing and remote learning, a new Boston University study finds that nearly all college professors say their students have been struggling with their mental
12 days 8:35
Christopher Muther On Safe Travel Destinations Post-Vaccine
With new CDC guidelines released last week outlining that domestic travel is low risk for people who are fully vaccinated, Boston Globe travel writer Christopher Muther joined Jim Braude to lay out
12 days 51:29
Acting Mayor Kim Janey Takes Questions On Boston Public Radio | GBH News
Boston's Acting Mayor, Kim Janey, will be taking questions with Jim and Margery on Boston Public Radio at 11AM ET on Thursday, April 8.  Janey recently announced her intention to run for Mayor
12 days 0:31
Vaccine Ready (Thomas White Video Diary)
After a possible exposure during track practice, Thomas has been wearing a mask at home while he waits for COVID test results.
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