47 days 4:50
Microsoft and Samsung: Enabling New Possibilities
See how Microsoft and Samsung are working together to help you stay connected and get stuff done, in this extended Director’s Cut demo from Samsung Unpacked.
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54 days 0:16
Windows x HP by Jacques (:15)
To learn more about Jacques and his work visit jacq.work Jacques got into fashion design while living with his grandmother in Togo, Africa.
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54 days 0:31
Windows x HP by Jacques
To learn more about Jacques and his work visit jacq.work From Togo, Africa to Chicago to NYC, Jacques is a fashion designer turning his family’s past and heritage into modern fashion designs.
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54 days 0:31
Windows x HP by Geneva
To learn more about Geneva and their work visit gensuta.games "It’s really important to uplift different people’s voices and experiences.” That’s the sentiment fueling game design student
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54 days 0:16
Windows x HP by Geneva (:15)
To learn more about Geneva and their work visit gensuta.games Geneva, a game design student, fell in love with video games at an early age.
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101 day 2:02
How to organize with Microsoft Edge | Simply Windows
Microsoft Edge can make the jumble of tabs in your internet browser shipshape.
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122 days 5:32
Connecting a monitor | Simply Windows
Have a monitor you want to hook up to your Windows 10 PC? Doug will show you how to work with the cables and the Display Settings so your laptop can control two monitors the way you want.
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123 days 0:43
Play the Surf Game in Microsoft Edge
Wi-Fi acting gnarly? No worries! When you can’t surf the web, you can surf the waves in the latest Microsoft Edge.
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130 days 0:58
BUILD 2020: What's New from Microsoft Edge
See what innovations are brewing for Microsoft Edge from BUILD 2020. Take a look at our progress for developers, consumers, and enterprises around the globe.
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137 days 4:00
Get connected | Simply Windows
Let’s get you connected to your Bluetooth devices, internet, and printers in Windows 10. Doug will show you to quickly get to those settings using the Action Center.
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144 days 2:41
How to do a lot with a little space | Simply Windows
Juggling a lot of open windows on your PC? There’s a built-in feature on Windows 10 devices that can help: multiple desktops. Maxx will show you how to use them in this short video.
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159 days 5:36
Tips for better video chats | Simply Windows
Don't like how you look on video chats? Well, we have some no cost advice how you can look and sound a bit better. Even how that old webcam in closet can help.
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179 days 4:08
How to use Quick Assist | Simply Windows
You need some PC help by your not-so-nearby friend?
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180 days 1:06
Microsoft Edge: it's time to expect more from the web
Introducing the all new Microsoft Edge, a web browser that gives you the privacy, productivity and value you want while you browse.  Available on Windows, Android, macOS and iOS, Microsoft Edge
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208 days 3:24
How to make your PC easier to use | Simply Windows
You can benefit by making a few adjustments in Windows 10 like making the font bigger or have a page read to you. Learn how the Ease of Access settings help you in this Simply Windows video.
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218 days 2:26
How to manage Windows updates | Simply Windows
Updates are an important way to keep your Windows 10 device secure and up to date. In this Simply Windows video we’ll talk what updates do and show you how to schedule them.
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229 days 2:39
How to personalize your PC | Simply Windows
Need your favorite picture on your desktop? Maybe turn on Dark Mode?
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240 days 2:14
What is a Microsoft account? | Simply Windows
What is a Microsoft account and why is it important? You might already have one, but are you getting all the benefits?
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240 days 2:44
Meet the Microsoft Edge team!
Meet the developers that work on the Microsoft Edge browser. Learn how you can join a world-class web browser team: aka.ms/EdgeJobs
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246 days 2:51
How to get apps from the Microsoft Store | Simply Windows
Today everything from Excel to Spotify are apps that you can use on your PC. Learn how to find and download them in the Microsoft Store that's built into Windows 10.
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253 days 2:23
Three ways to quickly find things on your PC | Simply Windows
Need to open PowerPoint? Find a document? Remember that website you saw last week? We'll show you ways to find and open the things on your PC, fast.
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311 days 1:10
Age of Empires IV - X019 - Gameplay Reveal
The acclaimed RTS franchise returns with Age of Empires 4. Experience the epic, historical battles that shaped the modern world. Learn more at: ageofempires.com/games/age-of-empires-iv
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330 days 0:24
The power to unleash creativity
Digital art opens a world of creative possibilities. And with the power to run all your favorite creative apps and render in 4K, the HP Spectre x360 will never hold back your imagination.
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330 days 0:18
A more intuitive way to illustrate
There’s no right way to draw a three-eyed, guitar-playing cat. But the most natural way is with a pen directly on the screen. The HP Spectre x360 helps get ideas out of your head and into the world.
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348 days 2:23
Meet Windows Insider Caleb Ndaka
See how Windows Insider Caleb Ndaka and his organization Kids Comp Camp are empowering a community of people in Kenya to make the most of technology.
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348 days 2:19
Meet Windows Insider Gomolemo Mohapi
See how Gomo Mohapi, a Windows Insider and Microsoft Student Partner, is creating guides to teach technology and empower a community of students at Durban University of Technology.
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348 days 2:00
Meet Windows Insider Sambhav Bhurtel
See how Sambhav Burtel, a Windows Insider and Microsoft Student Partner, is using video tutorials in Nepali, the native language of Kathmandu, to empower a community of students at Amrit Science
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348 days 2:03
Meet Windows Insider Vuyo Mhlotshane
See how Vuyo Mhlotshane and the organization WeThinkCode are empowering the next generation of South Africans to learn to code and make the most of technology.
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08.07.19 1:53
Microsoft | Sound Design as Sensory Design
Microsoft is moving past old ideas of sound design and designing sound with all senses in mind.
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24.05.19 0:34
Microsoft Edge Experiment: Battery Life | Windows 10 May 2019 Update
What happens when three identical devices run different browsers? The Microsoft Edge team wanted to find out.
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