4 days 8:59
Expert Answers: How is COVID-19 Impacting the Private Sector and Jobs?
The global lockdown in the wake of COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on businesses and jobs. 30 Jun 2020, 15:21
4 days 2:00
The Impact of COVID-19 on Thailand
Thailand has been successful in stemming the tide of COVID-19 infections over the last three months, but the economy is expected to shrink significantly in 2020. 30 Jun 2020, 15:09
5 days 3:41
Western Bangladesh Can Become a Transit Hub in South Asia
The World Bank and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank are supporting the Government of Bangladesh to launch the Western Economic Corridor and Regional Enhancement (WeCARE)Program, a 260 kilometer | 29 Jun 2020, 22:14
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8 days 4:25
Surviving the Storm in Malaysia
With so many Malaysians losing their livelihoods, how can the country survive the storm of the COVID19 crisis and thrive in the new normal? 26 Jun 2020, 19:35
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9 days 14:44
مواجهة فيروس كورونا: سد الفجوة الرقمية
لقد دفعتنا الأزمة العالمية التي أحدثها وباء فيروس كورونا إلى الاعتماد على التكنولوجيا الرقمية بشكل كبير، من قطاع الاتصالات إلى العمل عن بعد، من الرعاية الصحية الرقمية إلى التعلم عن بعد، فهذه هي بعض | 25 Jun 2020, 19:58
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9 days 3:19
Les eaux souterraines, une source d'espoir en Zambie
Les eaux souterraines constituent une source essentielle d’approvisionnement en eau pour permettre de répondre à la demande croissante causée par les longues périodes de sècheresse dont a souffert | 25 Jun 2020, 18:30
9 days 3:19
Groundwater In Action: A Project in Zambia Gives Hope to the Chongwe Community
Groundwater is a vital source of water supply to manage the growing demand in Zambia due to extended droughts in the country. 25 Jun 2020, 16:09
10 days 24:06
Covid Live Series: Tackling the Pandemic in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Settings
How can we help the weakest countries and those affected by violence and conflict respond to the #Coronavirus pandemic? 24 Jun 2020, 15:37
11 days 3:21
How We’re Helping South Asia Recover from COVID-19
COVID-19 hit South Asia later than other regions, but infection rates are now growing fast. 24 Jun 2020, 1:52
11 days 1:34:40
Realizing the Full Potential of Carbon Pricing in a Sustainable Recovery
Part of ‘Kickstarting a Sustainable Recovery’, the Climate Group’s Sustainable Recovery Series, in partnership with Innovate4Climate. 24 Jun 2020, 1:18
11 days 1:50
Timor-Leste: New Roads Bring New Opportunities for Farmers and Families
Small scale farming is a central part of Timor-Leste’s economy and culture. Yet Timor-Leste’s agriculture industry has been hampered by poor transport infrastructure. 23 Jun 2020, 21:06
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12 days 2:32
COVID-19: The Road to Recovery in East Asia and the Pacific
The first and among the hardest-hit regions by COVID-19 (coronavirus), East Asia and Pacific could see at least 11 million more people falling into poverty this year. 22 Jun 2020, 15:36
16 days 6:36
Farmer-led Irrigation (FLI) – Opportunities for Positive Change – Real Stories from Rwanda
How can we help shepherd environmental sustainability and uplift the lives and livelihoods of farmers – toward a water and food secure world for all? 18 Jun 2020, 21:40
16 days 2:12
Инвестиции в системы социальной защиты: путь преодоления бедности в Сьерра-Леоне
Развитие человеческого капитала (инвестиции в людей) жизненно важно для роста экономики и благополучия в интересах всех слоев населения. Кроме того, это ключевое условие преобразования стран Африки. 18 Jun 2020, 20:53
16 days 2:38
Liberia: Empower Young Entrepreneurs to Transform their Communities
Investing in people and their human capital is essential for inclusive economic growth and wellbeing, and pivotal to the transformation of African economies. 18 Jun 2020, 17:19
17 days 2:14
Sierra Leone : Investir dans les filets sociaux, une voie de sortie de la pauvreté
Le développement du capital humain est indispensable à une croissance économique sans exclus et au bien-être des populations, et c’est un facteur essentiel de la transformation des économies | 17 Jun 2020, 18:22
17 days 1:33:30
Resilient Recovery Series: The Food Security Challenge
Did you know that acute #foodinsecurity is projected to double in 2020? 17 Jun 2020, 16:48
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18 days 2:12
Invertir en redes de protección social: Un camino para salir de la pobreza en Sierra Leona
El capital humano (las inversiones en las personas) es esencial para el crecimiento económico inclusivo y el bienestar, y es fundamental para la transformación de las economías africanas. 17 Jun 2020, 1:28
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18 days 2:12
الاستثمار في شبكات الأمان الاجتماعي مخرج من الفقر في سيراليون
رأس المال البشري (الاستثمار في البشر)عامل أساسي للنمو الاقتصادي الشامل والرفاهة وضروري للغاية في تنمية الاقتصادات الأفريقية. 17 Jun 2020, 1:18
18 days 3:41
خطة رأس المال البشري في أفريقيا:عامل تغيير أساسي للاستثمار في البشر بأفريقيا
في أبريل نيسان 2019، بدأنا خطة رأس المال البشري في أفريقيا. هذه الخطة الطموحة تضع أهدافا واضحة وتحدد التزامات لتعزيز قدرات القارة من خلال رأس مالها البشري. 16 Jun 2020, 20:58
18 days 3:41
2019年4月,我们启动了非洲人力资本计划。这一雄心勃勃的计划为通过人力资本促进非洲发挥潜力设定了明确目标,做出了承诺。计划启动一年来进展顺利,通过在各个关键部门撬动投资与政策改革、赋权妇女、根据脆弱与冲突影响局势量身打造解决方案、调动技术与创新、积累知识和建立伙伴关系,帮助为非洲国家人力资本建设造势。这一年间的突出成果包括:人力资本项目的资金承诺额增加了近一倍,同时世行集团各个团队加大了对人力资 | 16 Jun 2020, 15:49
19 days 3:41
План развития человеческого капитала в Африке
В апреле 2019 года мы обнародовали План развития человеческого капитала в Африке. 15 Jun 2020, 23:15
19 days 3:41
Plan sobre el Capital Humano de África: factores de cambio para invertir en las personas
En abril de 2019, se inició el Plan sobre el Capital Humano de África. 15 Jun 2020, 23:07
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22 days 3:48
DRC : Free education at all costs!
Victorine Tshibola dreams of seeing her children succeed in life. Kandindi Kengela and Joyce Sosongo aspire for a better future. Augustin Tshiko wants all Congolese girls to be able to go to school. 12 Jun 2020, 18:29
22 days 3:48
RDC : l'école gratuite à tout prix !
Victorine Tshibola rêve de voir ses enfants réussir leur vie. Kandindi Kengela et Joyce Sosongo aspirent à un avenir meilleur. 12 Jun 2020, 18:26
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23 days 59:32
Lasting Scars: Recovering from the Global Impact of the Pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic has delivered a global economic shock of enormous magnitude, leading to steep recessions that will leave lasting scars in many developing countries. 11 Jun 2020, 15:58
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23 days 2:12
Invest In Social Safety Nets: A Pathway out of Poverty in Sierra Leone
Human capital (Investing in people) is essential for inclusive economic growth and wellbeing, and pivotal to the transformation of African economies. 11 Jun 2020, 13:43
23 days 3:41
Le Plan pour le capital humain en Afrique
Nous avons lancé notre Plan pour le capital humain en Afrique en avril 2019. 11 Jun 2020, 13:36
24 days 3:41
Africa Human Capital Plan: Game Changers for Investing in Africa's People
In April 2019, we launched the Africa Human Capital Plan. This ambitious plan sets out clear targets and commitments to boost Africa's potential through its human capital. 10 Jun 2020, 19:49
24 days 2:20
Perlindungan Sosial untuk Visi Indonesia 2045
Indonesia memiliki visi besar yaitu menjadi negara status berpendapatan tinggi dengan angka kemiskinan mendekati nol pada 2045. 10 Jun 2020, 18:00
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