2 days 0:21
How to take modern portrait?
Cristina poured her passion in portrait photography, watch her #TheMomentThatMadeMe #XiaomiImagery #XiaomiMasterClass #Shorts Learn More: mi.com/global (Global official website)
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2 days 0:31
A master class of monochrome photography
Alan's #TheMomentThatMadeMe is all about the lights and shadows of London and the mood of the Londoners.
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3 days 0:23
The best low light street photography!
#XiaomiMasterClass with street photographer Viktor.
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3 days 0:23
Playing with light in photography
Oliver's #TheMomentsThatMadeMe is all about love#XiaomiImagery #XiaomiMasterClass #Shorts Learn More: mi.com/global (Global official website) twitter.com/xiaomi (Twitter)
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4 days 0:24
Taking cool portraits with double exposure
Watch #TheMomentsThatMadeMe of @kaiboettcher, about great nature portraits.
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4 days 0:20
How to create portraits filled with character?
Meet Charlie Clift, the host of our first #XiaomiMasterClass.
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5 days 1:02
Quick Recap of Xiaomi Master Class Season 1
Thank you all for your support, allowing us to invite all the photographers and travel worldwide, bringing you the first season of #XiaomiMasterClass, online and offline.
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6 days 0:28
2018 vs 2021 Going out late minute
Don't let charging bond your feet! 120W #XiaomiHyperCharge 🔋⚡ Power up the way you live! #2018vs2021 #Xiaomi11TPro #Shorts Learn More: mi.com/global (Global official website) twitter.
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6 days 0:29
2018 vs 2021 Late for a date
Last-minute charging #2018vs2021 be like 🤨. #Xiaomi11TPro 120W #XiaomiHyperCharge⚡️ kicks off all your Low Battery Anxiety!
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6 days 0:31
2018 vs 2021 Charging
Waiting for your phone to be charged #2018vs2021.
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6 days 0:30
Creative photography: Painting the sky
Let's painting the sky together and just let imagination unleashed. Paint your favorite sky and share with us!
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8 days 0:38
Sneak peak of Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 | Xiaomi 12 Series
#Xiaomi12Series is coming your way. Here's a sneak peek of the most potent @Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset that will power #Xiaomi12Series.
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8 days 1:33
Announcement | Xiaomi 12 Series is powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
Since the first generation of Xiaomi smartphones, we've collaborated with Qualcomm for over a decade.
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14 days 4:53
Xiaomi Corporation Q3 2021 Results Announcement
We are pleased to have Wang Xiang, President of Xiaomi, and Alain Lam, CFO of Xiaomi presenting this quarter's achievements. Check out this video to learn more!
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23 days 1:06
What Does STYLE Mean To You? | Own Your Style With Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE
Style is unique. It's all about fitting in and standing out. It's the little features that make you... you.
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24 days 0:12
Own Your Style With Peach Pink Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE
The Peach Pink you need to #OwnYourStyle. So much style packed into #Xiaomi11Lite5GNE. #Shorts Thanks to FOREAL® studio!
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25 days 0:14
Own Your Style With Snowflake White Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE
Style up your winter with the Snowflake White #Xiaomi11Lite5GNE and #OwnYourStyle! #Shorts Thanks to FOREAL® studio!
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26 days 0:13
Own Your Style With Truffle Black Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE
As light as a feather! #OwnYourStyle with #Xiaomi11Lite5GNE. Thanks to FOREAL® studio!
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29 days 10:00
Lesson 06: Mobile Filmmaking Post Production | Sundance Collab x Xiaomi Studios
The 6th lesson of our #SundanceCollab mobile filmmaking course is here!
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34 days 1:01
Introducing Loop LiquidCool Technology
Heat up your game, not your phone. Introducing our latest cooling tech breakthrough, Loop LiquidCool Technology. Smartphone cooling is about to enter a new era. #NeverStopExploring
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35 days 0:16
Ready, Set, Shop! | 11.11 Mega Sale
Xiaomi’s big sale is around the corner! We have prepared lots of products and deals based on your taste! Get ready, and check out the video to get some “inspiration”!
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35 days 8:20
Dos Más En La Mesa Teaches Wedding Photography | Xiaomi Master Class
If you missed Dos Más En La Mesa's offline #XiaomiMasterClass at the EFTI School of Photography yesterday, don't worry. Check out their online #XiaomiMasterClass now.
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35 days 0:42
Create your own pro studio: creative portrait
#XiaomiImagery #ShootLikeAPro invited our talented Xiaomi Fan and our newest Xiaomi Creator Cristina Venedict from Romania to show everyone how she shoots her creative portraits.
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36 days 6:30
Lesson 05: Production & On-Location Shooting Scenarios | Sundance Collab x Xiaomi Studios
The 5th lesson of our #SundanceCollab mobile filmmaking course is here! In this lesson, Xiaomi Creator Chen Lu will join us on an on-location mobile film shoot.
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38 days 3:02
MY SUPER WORLD | A shot on Xiaomi film
To kick-off, this 🎃 #Halloween2021 🎃 here's a shot on #Xiaomi film.
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41 day 4:45
Mi Smart Projector 2 Unboxing | Xiaomi #MiSteryBOX @Tech4All
It’s time to check out #MiSmartProjector2 with @Tech4All on the latest episode of Xiaomi #MiSteryBOX! See how this amazing device optimizes your entertainment experience at home!
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42 days 6:46
Pau Clavero teaches street photography | Xiaomi Master Class
What are the moments that made Pau Clavero a street photographer? In this #XiaomiMasterClass, Pau will share these unforgettable moments that made him who he is.
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43 days 11:52
Lesson 04: Mobile Filmmaking Gear | Sundance Collab x Xiaomi Studios
The 4th lesson of our #SundanceCollab mobile filmmaking course featuring our Xiaomi Creator Fred is here!
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46 days 8:41
Charlie Clift teaches portrait photography | Xiaomi Master Class
“The moment that made me was when I saw the power of images" - Charlie Clift. Creating a great portrait is all about those special moments when you find that honest moment of connection.
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50 days 15:09
Lesson 03: Smartphone Shooting Techniques | Sundance Collab x Xiaomi Studios
The 3rd lesson of the #SundanceCollab mobile filmmaking course featuring our U.S. #XiaomiCreator Luis introduce you various techniques for a mobile shoot to craft your epic film.
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