2 days 5:44
Redmi Note 9T - #MiSteryBOX | @Tech4All
Our #MiSteryBOX host @Tech4All just got his hands on the #RedmiNote9T! What do you think he has to say about this brand new Xiaomi product?
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2 days 0:32
#BlueHoleFreedivingChallenge | Feature Highlights
Built to take on every challenge you can throw at it, our #RedmiNote9Series is always ready! Are you ready to #LiveForTheChallenge?
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4 days 2:48
#BlueHoleChallenge | Challenger Interview
#LiveForTheChallenge isn't just a slogan. It's a way of life.
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6 days 2:22
#BlueHoleFreedivingChallenge Premiere
Hold your breath! We are about to take the plunge! Here’s the premiere of our #RedmiNote9Series #BlueHoleFreedivingChallenge!
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7 days 0:27
#BlueHoleFreedivingChallenge | Mi Fan Intro
To accept our #RedmiNote9Series #BlueHoleFreedivingChallenge is one thing. But to actually do it is something else entirely.
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7 days 0:20
#BlueHoleFreedivingChallenge | William Intro
Achieving a world record isn't the end. The challenge never stops! William Trubridge is one of the greatest free divers in the world. He has joined our #RedmiNote9Series #BlueHoleFreedivingChallenge!
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8 days 0:16
BlueHoleFreedivingChallenge | Trailer 2
When you’re pushing your limits in freediving, fear and the darkness are not the only things that consume you. Want to know what happens under the water?
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8 days 1:37
Redmi Note 9T: Teardown
How did we create such an amazing 5G smartphone with such an honest price? Here are all the secrets to how we made #RedmiNote9T!
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9 days 0:15
#BlueHoleFreedivingChallenge | Trailer 1
Dean's Blue Hole is one of the deepest blue holes on Earth, with a depth of around 200 meters. It's a mix of danger and the unknown.
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9 days 8:33
#RedmiNote9T Launch Event Summary
Missed our #RedmiNote9T new product launch? Here's EVERYTHING you need to know in less than ten minutes!
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9 days 1:49
#XiaomiStudios Presents: "The Virtuosos: The Ballerina"| A #ShotByMi Film
"When I'm dancing it's like my mind is free." See where Balé da Cidade de São Paulo ballerina Fabiana Ikehara's art takes here in the latest #XiaomiStudios film "The Virtuosos: The Ballerina" shot
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10 days 3:39:15
Redmi Note 9T Global Launch Event
Ready, set, get 5G! The era of 5G for everyone is truly here now! Watch our Redmi Note 9T global launch event on Jan 8th, 20:00 (GMT+8) ! #RedmiNote9T #ReadySet5G
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10 days 0:46
#RedmiNote9T Launch Event Recap
We just launched our first ever 5G Redmi Note smartphone, #RedmiNote9T! Here's a very quick bite-sized version of all the best moments.
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10 days 0:30
Redmi Note 9T: Ready, Set, 5G!
We just launched our first ever 5G Redmi Note smartphone, #RedmiNote9T! Here's a very quick bite-sized version of all the best moments.
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10 days 0:53
Redmi Note 9T: Unboxing
It's time to unbox our #RedmiNote9T with 5G๏ผ Want to see everything you get? Check this out!
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11 days 0:27
#LivingForTheChallenge Rewind | #RedmiNoteSeries
We are eager to take every challenge head-on and thrilled to see where every challenge takes us! #RedmiNote9Series is getting ready. How about you?
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12 days 2:59
#ShootLikeAPro | Magical slow-motion ๐ŸŠ
Wow!!! Ready for some slow-motion magic with #Mi10TPro? Pay attention and try to guess how Dmitry Volny (IG: volny.pro) did it!
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12 days 1:31
This is What 2020 Means for Mi Community
Together, we run forward Together, we break through barriers Together, we strive for excellence Together, we become braver selves We live every day with a smile, passion and persistence We connect
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12 days 1:07
#MiSteryBOX 2021: Expect Much More
In 2020, our #MiSteryBOX series landed in 17 countries! We surprised you with some of our latest products and lots of gifts from Xiaomi. In 2021, expect much more!
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12 days 2:46
#XiaomiStudios Presents: "The Virtuosos: The Abstract Painter" | A #ShotByMi Film
"When you're surrounded by certain colors or shapes or textures, naturally they are in your mind whether you’re considering them or not." This is just part of abstract painter Joy Kinna's process
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15 days 1:06
#XiaomiStudios Presents: "See Through The Colors" | A #ShotByMi Film
Feel like every day is the same? Sometimes all you need to do is add a little bit of color into your life!
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17 days 4:29
Mi Fan Story First Episode in Pakistan
Check out the first #MiFanStory episode shot on #Mi10T. A documentary series, portraying real-life global Mi Fans.
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18 days 1:23
#ShootLikeAPro: Holiday
How to take amazing pictures that are filled with holiday season vibes? You don’t even need to leave your home! Learn how with this month's #ShootLikeAPro series!
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19 days 8:42
The Xiaomi products you may never have heard of | #MiInsider Episode 15
Happy holidays Mi Fans! Come and join our #MiInsider Secret Santa Special. What Xiaomi products do you think our Mi Insiders selected as gifts for each other? Did you know all of these products?
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21 day 8:20
#ShootLikeAPro | #BeyondThePostcard: Our Christmas Tree
What will Luis Guanzon (IG: @luis_guanzon) do when he receives our challenge to shoot a #BeyondThePostcard holiday special?
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22 days 1:56
#XiaomiStudios Presents: "The Lonely Prince" | A #ShotByMi Film
Once upon a time, there was a prince that had a holiday ball every year... but this year is a little different...
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23 days 5:39
#ShootLikeAPro | #BeyondThePostcard: Winter at Niagara Falls
Who will we challenge to shoot #BeyondThePostcard this time? ๐Ÿฅ๐Ÿฅ๐Ÿฅ @Alen Palander !!!
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24 days 3:14
#ShousTopPicks: Xiaomi Holiday Gifts 2020
Watch our President of International, Shou, choose some Xiaomi products as secret holiday gifts for the team at Xiaomi HQ in Beijing.
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26 days 8:43
#ShootLikeAPro | #BeyondThePostcard: Holiday lights in London
This time, Mi Creators @chrisjdalton (IG) and @fvanstry (IG) take us on a tour of London and give us a lesson on how to take stunning photos and videos of holiday lights that are #BeyondThePostcard.
248 362
27 days 5:59
Your Workout Plan Has Never Been This Smart & Simple - #MiSteryBOX | @Tech4All
Do you want to know how to customize your workout plan in just a few simple steps? Let’s unbox this #MiSteryBOX with our friend @Tech4All, and see how #MiWatch makes your exercises easier!
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