2 days 9:28
Bert FINALLY Gets His New Fully Specced BMW M3 Competition!
After serious delays, Bert finally picks up his new BMW M3 Competition from BMW Park Lane. To say he is happy might be an understatement. Did he spec it right? Let us know in the comments below.
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4 days 26:33
PPF Saves Car from Hit and Run | TWAY ep64
This week at Yiannimize an Audi RSQ8 is saved by PPF, Yianni goes through his insane shoe collection & Naomi fixes a camo Tesla that was wrapped a couple years ago.
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11 days 30:43
Roses On Lambo, Berts In Limbo | Tway Ep 63
This week at Yiannimize Bert finally collects his new BMW M3 Competition, Yian takes time off to recover and the staff react to Drake's 4000 Roses Wrapped Lamborghini.
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18 days 32:04
STO so Beautiful | TWAY ep62
This week at Yiannimize.
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23 days 12:05
Yianni Crashes Car at Motor Show 😱
Yianni and the team had a great time at the British Motor Show but it all came crashing down during the car football!
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25 days 32:02
Na He Wrapping | TWAY 61
This week at Yiannimize. 00:00 - intro 00:10 - Monday 01:39 - Viral Video Review 05:16 - Tuesday 11:51 - Wednesday 23:43 - Thursday 27:25 - Friday #TWAY |
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30 days 11:33
My 1st Ever Matching Uniform Wrap with Wife's Car
Yianni and his wife wrap their Lamborghini Urus and Range Rover SVR in matching @Arlon Graphics Titanium Blue wrap that looks like a Satin Chrome Blue.
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32 days 19:59
What A Supra Week! | TWAY ep60
This week at Yiannimize we start the week on Tuesday as we switch this new weekly video to Monday to Sunday.
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35 days 15:51
Bentayga [Harry] vs Wraith [Daniel] | Drag Race 011
It's Harry in his wife's Bentley Bentayga vs Daniel @Ashville Louisy in his Rolls-Royce Wraith for Yiannimize Drag Race 011 at @SantaPodTV ... with a twist.
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38 days 15:07
Nicki Shields Got Wrap Attack'd at Silverstone Classics 2021
We're back at Silverstone Classics with the Yiannimize crew for a Wrap Attack, Treasure Hunt and some fun on stage with Nicki Shields. #Ad | #Silverstone | #WrapAttack |
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39 days 31:40
This FULL Week At Yiannimize | TWAY ep59
This week at Yiannimize Daniel @Ashville Louisy and Derek Chisora are amongst the adjudicators for the @Yiannimize Competitions Live, Bert and Elliott go back and forth on the Pro Simulator
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42 days 12:14
Ferrari F12 TDF [Mr JWW] vs Aventador S [Yianni] | Drag Race 010
It's @Mr JWW in a Ferrari F12 TDF vs @Yianni in his old Lamborghini Aventador S which now belongs to @Jeremy Lynch for Yiannimize Drag Race 010 at @SantaPodTV Both cars are rigged with @Insta360
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44 days 9:45
Green Huracan Evo wrapped in Chrome Gold
A green Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder wrapped in Chrome Gold by Mark & Nicco who also give their top 5 tips on wrapping with Chrome. #Chrome | #Lamborghini |
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46 days 24:35
Yianni is Back... But Out of Staff | TWAY ep58
This week at Yiannimize Yianni is back but it's the last TWAY shot in a day as we move into a more day-to-day type weekly vlog.
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49 days 8:06
Tesla Model 3 Performance vs Porsche Taycan Turbo S | Drag Race 009
In 'Battle of the Electric Greeks' it's experienced racer Pani in his Porsche Taycan Turbo S vs Yiannimize Sales Manager aka Mr Satin Dark Grey Andrew in a friends Tesla Model 3 Performance for
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53 days 25:47
It's Dead in the Unit ... but we have a Gold Huracan EVO | TWAY ep57
This week at Yiannimize it's quiet as some wrappers are off and we filmed before cars arrived... but at least we have a Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder being wrapped in Chrome Gold.
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54 days 0:15
KSI Reveal Reaction #shorts
Yiannimize – 2 Aug 2021, 11:51
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56 days 17:24
Yianni [Aventador SV] vs Jezza [Aventador S] | Drag Races 008
Yes, this race took place BEFORE the Jezza vs Yianni Urus race.
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60 days 17:59
Lamborghini Huracán STO, Andrew and NO Satin Dark Grey Wraps | TWAY ep56
This week at Yiannimize after finishing 5th with 4% of the votes Sales Manager Andrew steps up to host the show, there is a stunning Lamborghini Huracán STO courtesy of @H.R.
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63 days 12:22
Bav [GT3 RS] vs Chris [GT3] | DRAG RACE 007
In Yiannimize Drag Race 007 it's COO & Partner of Yiannimize Group Bav in his Porsche GT3 RS vs Yiannimize Mechanic Chris in his brother-in-laws Porsche GT3. What could possibly go wrong?
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65 days 8:03
KIA Picanto Review, Drive and Giveaway!
We have 3 of these KIA Picanto city cars to give away to 3 lucky Y-Club members courtesy of @Yiannimize Competitions SIGN UP to The Y Club or Enter Competitions Here: yiannimizecomps.com
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67 days 22:48
New Host, New Staff, New Room | TWAY ep55
This week at Yiannimize Videographer Elliott takes the mic for TWAY, new staff Nathaniel is introduced, the new YouTube edit suite is revealed AND we have a sick @Stormzy painting to gift big Mike.
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70 days 15:34
Yianni [911 Turbo S] vs Kean [Huracán Performante] | DRAG RACE 006
Clearly @Yianni was not happy with losing to Kean in the Huracán vs Aventador SV Drag Race (001) so he borrowed Supercar Nigel's Porsche 911 Turbo S. Will Yianni win this time?
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71 day 14:30
Ten Year Old RJ Thought He Was Going Hospital Today
Courageous 10 year old Ronan-Jack is living with Large B Cell Lymphoma and has recently undergone intense chemotherapy.
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74 days 23:46
Rio Tries to Steal The Show! | TWAY ep54
This week at Yiannimize Rio tries to steal the show from Bert!
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77 days 9:39
Rio [VW Golf TSI] vs Naomi [Abarth 695] | DRAG RACE 005
It's a Yiannimize staff clash this week with Stripper/Fitter Rio in his VW Golf TSI versus Wrapper Naomi in her Abarth 695 at @SantaPodTV Raceway in UK for Yiannimize Drag Race 005.
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79 days 23:32
Our 10 Biggest Car Wrap Fails at Yiannimize
Bert and @Yianni talk us through the biggest and most expensive mistakes ever made at Yiannimize, totalling £8000 in repairs. For over 10yrs and 1000s of cars, that's not that bad.
387 228
81 day 21:01
Who Has Taken Over This Week At Yiannimize ... Season 2? | TWAY ep53
This week at Yiannimize it's the start of a new era, a new host along with the first @Yiannimize Competitions winner!
120 488
82 days 15:11
Who Won My £300,000 Lamborghini Aventador?
So after 1 month of @Yiannimize Competitions and Y-Club we are so happy to have handed over the first ever Yiannimize Competitions winner @Yianni's Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster.
203 682
83 days 25:15
Staff Audition for TWAY, Who is the NEW Yianni?
This Week at Yiannimize will be presented this week by one (or 2) of the Yiannimize Team as @Yianni steps back to spend time on @Yiannimize Competitions and other ventures.
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