1 day 17:06
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4 days 17:23
I Gave Away £2,000 TODAY on my Live | £1k Every Day in May ep01
I gave away the 1st £1000 earlier today when we went live for 1hr for The £1k Every Day May Giveaway but ended up giving away £2k!!!
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5 days 1:00:44
THE FULL 1hr LIVE £1k Giveaway! FIRST £1k turned into £2k!
This is the FULL ONE HOUR LIVE from when we went live today to give away the FIRST £1k in our £1k Every Day May Giveaway but ended up giving away £2k!!! Well done to the lucky winners.
44 925
5 days 2:51
ANNOUNCEMENT Giving away 1k a day starting tmrw at 10am
Went live for 3mins just to announce to YouTube followers that we're going live May 1st with the £1k Every Day May Giveaway.
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6 days 17:53
Nissan 300zx Restored, Wrapped and Revealed | Wrap My Banger s1e6
After a gruelling elimination process @Yianni and Bert chose Stuart and his 1989 G reg Nissan 300zx as the winner of Wrap My Banger 2020.
161 706
7 days 5:28
Audi Sq8 Winner Sells Car Straight Away 😡😡
A few weeks ago we gave away a brand new Audi SQ8 to a trader on @Libertex Trading Official .
541 489
8 days 16:52
SVJ Cold Start, Henrique Taking Over and New Camera Guy | TWAY ep43
This week at Yiannimize the new camera man Raymond films and edits This Week At Yiannimize Episode 43 for his trial, Yian cold starts a Lamborghini SVJ, Henrique presents his own section and Rio has
133 537
13 days 13:30
Why is Mr JWW Buzzing about his Wrapped £32k Yaris?
Mr JWW aka Mr £25k aka Mr Commission aka Mr Exposure has his new black Toyota GR Yaris wrapped in Yellow including shuts and returns but leaving carbon fibre roof exposed.
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15 days 29:04
The Ferrari F40 Wrap Starts, Sorry | TWAY ep42
This week at Yiannimize we welcome Rio's twin brother Deon to the Yiannimize family, Naomi celebrates her 21st birthday and @Yianni talks European Super League with Salv.
185 408
20 days 12:13
Our 1st Ever Starlight Roofing Urus wrapped in Chrome Purple
This Lamborghini Urus is wrapped in Chrome Purple with a custom Starlight Roofing by Pav. That's the 1st Urus starlight roofing we've done at Yiannimize, what do you guys think?
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22 days 16:24
Wrapping an F40? Stormzy? | TWAY ep41
This week at Yiannimize it's Wrap vs Rap GOATs with Stormzy in the building, Yianni presents Salv a gift from Tottenham, we have a Ferrari F40 in for a wrap and we tease what's coming very soon...
277 327
26 days 15:58
Gave Away a New Audi Wrapped in Satin Black at Tottenham Stadium! #AD
So @Tottenham Hotspur and @Libertex Trading Official gave us an Audi SQ8 to wrap Satin Black and give one of their Libertex traders a huge surprise at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium!
232 236
29 days 9:49
I Messed Up! | TWAY ep40
This week at Yiannimize Yianni is on a mistake rampage! Kean reveals he has wrapped his new car but NOT the colour, Steven Bergwijn's G-Wagon is back for repairs and we cold start a Ferrari 488!
129 624
36 days 19:03
Kiran's Last Goodbye | TWAY ep39
This week at Yiannimize it's Kiran's last ever TWAY as he leaves us on Thursday to start a new career in 'water industry', his new youtube channel below if you'd like to follow his journey.
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40 days 11:52
Nissan 300zx Inspected for Repairs | Wrap My Banger s1e5
As the winner of Wrap My Banger 2020, Stuart drove his 1989 G reg Nissan 300zx down to Yiannimize for the handover.
128 676
41 day 14:31
Yianni Drives and Reviews Bert's Dream Company Car, the Tyre Eating M3!
Yianni and Bert both test drive and review Bert's dream company car, the BMW M3 Competition from BMW Park Lane.
220 152
43 days 23:15
Yianni Strips Marks Audi R8 and Someone Quits | TWAY ep38
This week at Yiannimize Yianni strips Mark's Audi R8, @Mr JWW's car is in and one of the team leave while another reveals his new car.
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48 days 10:34
Really Feeling the Chrome Blue C-Shaped 'Chiron' Curve on this GT-R
This Nissan GTR is Wrapped in Satin Energetic Yellow and Chrome Blue in a Bugatti Chiron style curve. Added the customers "Blue Square Recruitment" Decals on the doors.
112 219
50 days 14:52
Mark and Nicco Struggle to Wrap Urus Rear Bumper? | TWAY ep37
This week at Yiannimize the team respond to some of the YouTube commnets, Mark and Nicco "struggle" to Wrap the rear bumper of an Urus and @Yianni introduces the new Yiannimize staff uniform...
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55 days 12:11
We tried to COLOUR MATCH a Porsche Gold WRAP to a Porsche Gold PAINT!
We tried to wrap a Porsche GT2 RS in gold to match the customers Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series, which is factory paint.
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57 days 20:41
Kean is "Talking The Hardest" at Yiannimize | TWAY ep36
This week at Yiannimize the team react to some of your comments, we have a new stripper/fitter join the Yiannimize family and @Yianni is called out by one of the staff!
147 266
64 days 9:49
Staff Car Revealed | TWAY ep35
This Week at Yiannimize we are PPF'ing an Exclusive Edition 1 of 5 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S, wrapping a red Porsche GT2 RS in Gold, Yian interviews Mr JWW about the Litchfield drama AND we reveal new
238 768
71 day 10:11
Yianni Gets the Wrap Colour Wrong AGAIN | TWAY ep34
This Week At Yiannimize, Yianni gets corrected...again! There are Urus' everywhere and Henrique decides to customise his trainers!
158 415
76 days 8:02
2 Chrome Pink Wrapped McLaren’s, How Many Differences?
We had 2 McLaren 540c's in for a wrap. Both have been wrapped chrome pink. Both originally bought by the same owner. Both collected this week. But we have managed to find 8 differences between them.
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78 days 10:12
New Kid Corrects The Boss on The Wrap Colour! | TWAY ep33
This Week At Yiannimize, Salv is allowed out of the back unit, we meet the happiest newest member of staff and Kean "the brave" corrects the boss!
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83 days 8:39
Why Doesn't Wrap Stick to Carbon Fibre PPF?
Yianni's Lamborghini Urus Khaki Green wrap which was laid over the Carbon Fibre PPF is lifting and the team investigate why it could have happened with a PPF test. #Yiannimize | #Lamborghini |
245 098
85 days 14:40
Yiannimize Weekly - Ashville Take Over
This Week At Yiannimize Dereck Chisora is not happy about his V Class bill, Yianni gets a new youtube plaque for the wall and Ashville take over the unit!
199 151
92 days 9:55
I Can't Control My MOUTH! | TWAY ep31
This Week at Yiannimize Yianni gets to the root of his pain, addresses the 'mean Salv' comments and Derek Chisora's V Class is finished......finally!
148 719
94 days 0:28
Mercedes S63 AMG #shorts
Exclusive for the Yiannimize App - Check out Yianni's AMG wrapped in Satin, Gloss & Chrome Black. #shorts
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94 days 0:16
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